God will wipe away all tears from their eyes; in death there will be none

because the old world will be gone. 


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SWEET ETERNITY is a site specifically designed to honor the memory of your dear departed in the greatest respect. This is a place of eternal rest for your beings, and for those who want to remembering them, visit or even flourish them page.


You want to:

. Review a photo be loved
. Offer him flowers
. Speak to him
. Meditate or pray texts and circumstance music
. Share his memory with family and friends
. To remember without having to move 

SWEET ETERNITY provides these ways to commemorate your dear disappeared and help you in your mourning process. You can visit our site as much as you like and convenient times. 


SWEET ETERNITY will prompt you to create a memorial page on those you've loved so that they are never forgotten.



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