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Sweet Eternity - Personal information


Information relating to the protection of privacy details given to Sweet Eternity.



 Productions JoDi, operator of this website (Sweet Eternity), recognizes the confidentiality of information may be disclosed by members through the registration process or when making purchases through our website, and takes a firm commitment to protect your privacy. The following describes the practices regarding the collection and dissemination of information that we apply to this website.

The personal information that is provided to Productions JoDi by individual members are not shared with outside parties except to our payment server and in rare cases where there is a possibility of violation of our policies, user applicable laws or other laws. We collect some data, always in circumstances where you know and with your consent, which we used to fill orders.  


      The information provided to our payment server are only in a claim and it must not be used solely for that purpose.


      Demographic information collected through surveys that the user takes part in its consultation of the site could be used as a comprehensive statistical data in order to attract potential sponsors.


Except as permitted by law, personal information is collected only if your consent is obtained prior to their collection, use and dissemination. However, we may seek permission to use and disclose personal information after they were collected when we wish to use a new purpose or different and which you do not already consented.

When you provide personal information in this website, you authorize us to collect, use and disclose any personal information about you in accordance with this policy. In addition, specific authorizations or consents may be needed occasionally. 

In most cases and subject to legal or contractual restrictions, you are free to refuse or withdraw your consent at any time on reasonable notice. However, you are requested to note that in some circumstances, products or services may not be offered or provided that if you give out personal information. Therefore, if you choose not to provide requested personal information, we may not be able to offer or provide products or services.

Some more specific aspects of our policy of privacy are better described in the answers to frequently asked questions listed below:

Sweet Eternity asks it to receive information? 
Yes.  Sweet Eternity  is seeking a limited number of personal information when you want to join, or you make purchases (eg, purchase of personal pages). It could be that we asked for similar information at other times, like when you enter a contest or other promotions sponsored by Sweet Eternity and (or) one of our partners.

When requesting payment by credit card, you provide your credit card number directly to our payment server PaypalSweet Eternity has never learned the information. 

How Sweet Eternity he uses my personal information?
Our goal is to provide a Web experience that is the most personalized, relevant and user friendly as possible. Your personal information is used primarily to provide effectively the relevant information or services.

Sweet Eternity will also use your personal information to inform you of new features or other offers for Sweet Eternity that may interest you, or to satisfy the needs and demands for customer service.

Sweet Eternity not engaged in any form of sale, rental or distribution of personal information you provide to us. 

Sweet Eternity he disclose my personal information to third parties?
Sweet Eternity not disclose your personal information, except in circumstances where you share your knowledge and consent, or as described in this policy or as may be required by law or to protect the rights or property of Sweet Eternity.

There are other circumstances where the limited disclosure of personal information is expressly stated when the data are collected, as in the case of the User Agreement or the rules of a sweepstakes or other promotions. Thus, you control in all circumstances the type of information that you disclose, if applicable.

Sweet Eternity reserves the right to disclose aggregate statistics about users, including making disclosures as "50% of our users are female" or "50% of our users have attended college, in order to describe our services to partners or potential advertisers and other third parties.

In addition, if you click on a link that takes you beyond the site of Sweet Eternity to get you to visit a third party advertiser or sponsor, it could be that you are requesting information on your credit card or other personal information to make a purchase or use products and services. These companies have their own practices in privacy and data collection. Sweet Eternity  assumes no liability for these independent policies. Therefore, you are requested to carefully review the policies on privacy of others if you care how your information will be used.

Sweet Eternity where he keeps my information?
At present, the location where Sweet Eternity retains personal information is in the province of Ontario and Quebec, Canada, where facilities for housing and storage of information are.

Sweet Eternity will use Does my information to make solicitations in the mail?
Sweet Eternity will send you emails in order to inform you of changes or additions that were made to the site of Sweet Eternity, or products and related services. 

Can I refuse to provide personal information to Sweet Eternity?
Visitors can become members of Sweet Eternity providing only their email address and choosing a user ID and password. To purchase additional services, you have more information relevant to billing. 

Sweet Eternity how he protects my information? 
Sweet Eternity and web hosting company trying to maintain hardware devices, procedures and technical measures appropriate security for its offices and information storage facilities so as to prevent loss, misuse, the unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration of personal information. We also apply these methods to our approach to the removal or destruction of personal information.

Sweet Eternity further protects privacy by not allowing access to them as members of our staff who need to know in order to be able to provide our products or services.

Is what I can access my personal information held by Sweet Eternity and revise them?


Sweet Eternity grants you the right to access and review personal information held about you by using the "Edit Profile" page and on each purchase.

Cookies (cookies) from Sweet Eternity 
Contrary to popular belief, cookies do not extract private or personal information from the memory of your computer. Their only use Sweet Eternity is to allow you to do different jobs in a single session with Sweet Eternity. They are destroyed once the session is over.


Contests and Promotions

Sweet Eternity

may occasionally run contests on our site or other special promotions in which members or visitors are being asked their contact information (like email address) and demographic information (such as zip code, the age or salary). We use this information to send you promotional materials about our company or our partners. We will also use your information to contact you if necessary and we could share these details with other companies for promotional purposes, but only with your permission and the conditions that you are given when you take part in promotional event.

Communications via the website
If you have questions about this declaration of privacy, the practices advocated in respect of this website, access your personal information or your transactions related with this website please contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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